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Fit Club:  Invite Only
by: Steve Tryon

6:00 PM

Fat Furnace - Feel the Burn!
by: Steve Tryon

6:00 PM

Bar None - Like no Other!
by:  Steve Tryon

6:00 PM

by: Arnaldo Cortes

10:00 AM

Anything Goes! Are you up for it?
by: Steve Tryon

BAR NONE: Certified Personal Trainer, Steve Tryon
This Class focuses on outrageously high repetition training and we will QUICKLY learn the power of Bar Work. As it is one of Steve's favorite styles of training due to the work load, you will absolutely demand and command perfect form and technique throughout. The focus is to build pure strength of body and mind through high cardiovascular ouput while moving quickly through multiple stations. This is purely circuit training. We will build pure athletic muscle while shredding fat in the process. This is High Performance Training at its Finest...Bar None!

COUPLE'S CONNECTIONCertfied Personal Trainer, Steve Tryon
This Class is an awesome way to connect with your partner.  In today's world of busy life commitments, it is hard to find time to exercise, much less find quality time to spend with your significant other!  NOW we offer you an awesome opportunity to do both! Studies have shown that couples that work out together increase their:
* Emotional Bond
* Romantic Attraction
* Support & Motivation of Each Other's Fitness Goals
* Relationship Happiness

Bring your Water Bottle and Sweat Towel - Because you WILL WORK IT! 
FAT FURNACE: Certified Personal Trainer, Steve Tryon
This Class is solely based on VERY HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING!  We will be moving at a pace reaching close to 120% intensity for the duration of the class.  The focus will be aimed toward literally watching the fat melt off all areas of the body through intense and methodical endurance training.  We will push the cardiovascular system to its limits while sculpting lean, funtional, high performance muscle to take its place!  Our tools will include everything you have ever seen in the gym.  BRING WATER AND TOWEL ... you're going to need it!
ZUMBA:  Certified Instructor Arnaldo Cortes
This Class, dance inspired, is a total body conditioning workout that will have you moving and shaking off the calories!  Fun and high energy workout for the beginner to the experienced dancer.  You WILL sweat!  No rhythm or dance experience required... at all!  Just come with your willingness to enjoy the music and have a little fun while shaking off the calories.  It is a great workout!