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Tailored Personal Training

With personal training from Body Fit Warehouse in Southwick, Massachusetts, you'll get a workout tailored to your needs. Our training services include one-on-one sessions and small group sessions designed with the client's age and fitness levels in mind. With a dietitian on staff, we can shape your training regimen to achieve your weight loss goals while providing general health and wellness education.

You can choose different types of training, including sports specific, rehabilitation, weight loss or strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular. Our personal training services cater to the individual.  We normally train in 60 minute increments, depending on the individual's fitness goals and needs.

Man Lifting Weights

Contact any one of our Exceptional Certified Personal Trainers for more information on how their services will benefit you.

Anna Dichner, C.P.T.
Diana King, C.P.T.
Steve Tryon, C.P.T.

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