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Intensive Group Fitness and Circuit Training

Working out in the group fitness sessions at Body Fit Warehouse in Southwick, Massachusetts, will provide extra motivation to stick with your training regimen. We also offer circuit and free weight training.

Group Training

Group Fitness Training

You have the options of group fitness training and group training camps. We offer a high-intensity boot camp and a Butts and Guts camp for body toning. Our high-intensity cardio and strength training camp is called the Insanity camp.

Other classes include Hard Core and Beautiful Abs. Classes range from six to 10 weeks in one-hour sessions twice a week. We also offer youth training camps lasting eight to 10 weeks with a similar schedule. There are also sport-specific classes for high school teams.

Circuit Training & Free Weights

Get a well-rounded workout with circuit training and free weights. Our equipment includes Universal™ machines cardio equipment, treadmills, stationary bikes, and Cybex™ machines. Each new member is shown how to use the machines and given a one-on-one fitness assessment by a personal trainer. Our free weights include dumbbells and barbells.

Contact us in Southwick, Massachusetts, to learn more about circuit training.